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John Fox's Trophy Guide Service
11921 S.E. 169th Ave.
Ocklawaha, FL 32179
352-288-BASS (2277)

HEAD PRO GUIDE is Hall of Famer and ten times World and National Bass Fishing Champion John Fox.
John Fox is available to Guide you and your party upon request on available dates. John can and will make you a better Bass Fisherman if you fish with him as your personal Pro Guide. Internationally renowned Bass Fishing Expert John Fox shares with his clients Special Instructional Bass Locating and Catching techniques.

While fishing with John Fox, Bass Fishing Clients have caught more than 600 Trophy Bass from ten to nineteen-and-a-half pounds.* John Fox is the "Pro’s Pro," respected by Bass Fishing Super Stars as one of the Very Best Bass Fishing Professionals in the World. John Fox has the same respect in the Bass Fishing World as Ben Hogan has in Golf. Super Star Bass Fishing Pro LARRY NIXON says, "NO Bass Pro can locate, pattern and select the Right Lures to catch Bass QUICKER and like John Fox can." BASS Classic World Champion TOMMY MARTIN says, “John Fox thinks like a Bass.

He not only knows how to locate Bass… he also knows how to locate them when they move. John Fox has an uncanny Bass catching ability.” John Fox Hosted America’s MOST POPULAR "American Angler" and "Outdoor Adventures" Television Bass Fishing Shows on ESPN, FOX and top TV Stations across America for twenty-eight years. You have probably seen John Fox Fishing as a Guest Many Times on Roland Martin’s and Jimmy Houston’s Television Shows in the past couple of years.

You probably saw John Fox on the "WALKING WORM" Infomercial on TV. John Fox has requests to appear not only on Outdoor Television Shows, but also by Lure and Tackle Manufacturers to appear on their TV Infomercials and Print Advertising. WHY? Because of his "KNOW-HOW" and his heralded reputation for catching Bass.

John Fox has twenty-three Home Videos on Fishing and Hunting in Video Stores and available by mail order on this Web Site, including America’s TOP SELLING 114-minute-long instructional Bass Fishing Video or DVD "How, When and Where to Catch Bass." This outstanding video or DVD is recognized recognized as the bible on locating and catching Bass under any condition and is recommended by LARRY NIXON, TOMMY MARTIN, HAROLD ALLEN and CHARLIE CAMPBELL as the video or DVD to have to dramatically improve your Bass Fishing .

Florida has a worldwide reputation for its Largemouth Trophy Bass Fishing. Each year, tens of thousands of visitors come to Florida from across America and overseas to fish for Trophy Bass. The Florida Game and Fish Commission is dedicated to providing some true TROPHY BASS FISHING in Florida's more conducive fishing waters through a Regulated and Managed Catch-and-Release program.

The opportunity for catching a Trophy Bass over ten lbs. with guide John Fox is an achievable reality, rather than simply a matter of luck. *Want PROOF? Names of clients to verify these catches are available upon request.

John Fox's Trophy Guide Service
11921 S.E. 169th Ave.
Ocklawaha, FL 32179
352-288-BASS (2277)

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